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Fashion and Clothing

Caps personalized with your logo, embroidered caps with logo, trucker caps, low profile caps, advertising sports caps with embroidered logo. Cotton caps, flex fit caps.
Eyewear and Sunglasses
A vast range of eyewear and accessories that can be personalized with your logo and/or text upon request.
Your logo on promotional gloves, mobile touchscreen gloves, work gloves, gardening gloves, all-purpose gloves, mechanic gloves, nylon and acrylic gloves.
Hats with logo, custom hats, printed hats, cotton hats, festival hats, fishing hats. Children's hats. Advertising hats.
Custom Hoodies and promotional hooded sweatshirts. Personalized hoodies with your brand printed or embroidered.
Long Sleeve Shirts
Personalized Long Sleeve Shirts.
Polo Shirts
Personalized Polo Shirts.
Custom scarves with your logo embroidered or printed.
Security Clothing
Personalized Security Clothing.
Personalized shirts with your embroidered logo. Shirts for employees and professionals. Shirts for men and women with your logo. Printed business shirts. Long sleeve and short sleeve shirts.
Personalized shoelaces with your logo or text. Printed promotional shoelaces. Color printed laces.
Short Sleeve Shirts
Personalized Short Sleeve T-Shirts.
Personalized socks with your logo, photos or text. Printed promotional socks and stockings. Comfortable color printed socks.
Toques and Beanies
Custom beanies. Embroidered hats with logo. Knit caps. Printed toques. Distributor of tuques in Quebec. Promotional hats.
Personalized and printed promotional vests.
Personalized advertising visor with logo.