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Personalized Office Supply

Badge Holders
Advertising ID badge holders, Logo printed identification products, Name badges, Retractable badge holders, Vinyl or PVC card holders. Promotional card holders.
Money boxes of all shapes and sizes, printed with your logo. Piggy banks. Personalized economical piggy banks. Quality metal piggy banks. Plastic piggy banks.
Personalized briefcases with your company logo. Business cases. Economic briefcases. Meeting cases. Laptop cases. PVC cases. Leather document holder. Lightweight polyester cases.
Business Cards Holders
Business card holders and business card cases. Personalized card holders with your logo. Plastic or vinyl cases for business cards. PVC cases for papers or cards. Promotional metal card holders.
Multifunction calculators personalized with your logo for convenient advertising. Solar calculators, pocket calculators, desktop calculators.
Promotional calendars printed with your logo. Mini Calendars, Wall Calendars, Desk Calendars, Yearly Calendars, Memo Calendars, Four Season Calendars, Custom Dual View Calendars.
Clips and Memo Holders
Personalized clips and memo holders with your logo. Economical paper clips. Plastic paper clips. Dollar clips. Fun shaped and imprinted paper clips.
Credit Card Protectors
Bank card protectors for credit cards, debit cards, Paypass with and without RFID anti-fraud protection. All our promotional card protectors can be personalized with your logo.
Day Planners
Personalized promotional planners. Weekly planners, monthly planners. Custom planners. Planners printed with logo. Advertising diaries and planners.
Desk and Office Accessories
Office accessories that you can have personalized with your logo for effective promotional items. Notepads, erasers, card holders, calendars.
Letter Opener
Choose from a wide selection of letter openers that can be personalized with your logo, printed or engraved. Inexpensive letter openers, quality letter openers, deluxe letter openers. Plastic or metal letter openers.
Fridge magnets and magnetic promotional items personalized to your image for all areas. Magnet for vehicle, business card magnet.
Memo Pads and Post-It
Personalized self-adhesive notepad, adhesive tabs, bookmarks, notebooks, bookmark, personalized self-adhesive memory aid.
Mouse Pads
Mouse pads personalized with your logo. Different shapes, sizes and materials to meet your budget and suit your needs. Mouse pads with fabric surface, Lexan hard surfaced mouse pads, vinyl mouse pads, leather mouse pads. Combo calculator, ruler mouse pads available.
Personalized with your logo. Small or large notebooks, lined, corporate and economical.
Picture Frames
Promotional photo frames. Photo frames are great keepsake gifts. Personalized photo frames with your logo.
Portfolios and Notepads
Printed notebooks and personalized clip boards with your logo. Economic notebooks. Quality writing notebooks. Spiral-bound writing journal. Clip-on writing cases. Board for notes. Lined or blank notebooks. Soft cover journal. Rigid cover journal.
Promotional rulers printed with your logo, wooden rulers, plastic rulers, PVC rulers and metal rulers. Economic rulers printed in 4 color process. Full colour printed rulers.
Scribl Notebooks
Scribl customizable notebooks. Scribl mini notebooks with logo. Personalized notebooks. Printed notebooks.
Stickers and labels printed in color. Durable outdoor stickers. Repositionable or permanent stickers. Vinyl stickers.
Tissue Boxes and Tissue Packs
Personalized boxes and packages of facial tissues. Tissue boxes personalized with your logo. Different shapes of tissue boxes.