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Graphic Design Service


Linéaire provides professional graphic design services for logo design and vector conversion. We can convert a low-resolution image to a high quality vector art.

What is vector conversion

Vector Conversion is the art of converting bitmap images to vector format. Bitmap images, like JPG files, are made up of pixels and loose quality when scaled.

Vector images are created using lines and curves made of numerical coordinates.

Vector images can be scaled up or down without any loss of resolution and are generaly much smaller files when compared to bitmap ones. It's also very easy to change color and any individual components of a vector file.

A vector logo is comprised of lines that represent the objects. Vector files are usually created with drawing softwares like CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator.

A vectorised logo is not jaggy, have sharp details and can be printed at any resolution and is ideal for colour separations.

Exemple of a logo in bitmap format.

Exemple of a logo in bitmap format.

Exemple of a logo in vector format.

Exemple of a logo in vector format.

Computer Graphis Design Service